Electrical supply store Las Vegas NV

Looking for a top electrical supply store Las Vegas NV can offer? House of Breakers is your credible electrical wholesale supply Las Vegas store you can find and trust. With thousands of old and used circuit breaker for sale in our inventory, you will find the electrical part you need. House of Breakers has been in the electrical industry for over five decades. If you’re a homeowner or an electrician looking for electrical supply equipment, we accommodate anyone who need assistance with parts. Come and visit our local store located in Las Vegas NV for any part you need. If you are in need of dead front panel covers for sale, click on the link to learn more.

Electrical supply store Las Vegas NV

If you prefer that we deliver the electrical part instead, we also offer mobile service at low cost. If you are a home owner and you’re not sure what breaker you need, simply take a photo of the old breaker and text it to us. Having the right electrical part in your home or business building is critical. You want to avoid any accidents or damages at all costs. If you’re not sure what you are doing in setting up your electrical panels, circuit breakers or dead front covers. Give us a call and we will install any circuit breaker for you. House of Breakers is best known for providing
hard to find circuit breakers in Las Vegas.

Not only we carry thousands of parts but and it is most likely that will have the electrical part you need. We offer low electrical supply prices in our store and at the same time high quality brands. We would never sell you something that is damaged or malfunctioning. Contact us today to find out for yourself. We are open during weekdays and also provide mobile service.

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